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Although we are a religious community, we cannot finance ourselves through a “church tax”. The association and its centers are therefore dependent on your membership fees and donations to finance their costs. Only the centers with regular seminars have income, but they also have to finance the considerable additional costs, e.g., for the maintenance of seminar rooms, accommodation and catering for the course participants, repairs, personnel costs, etc.

There are several ways to support the work of the centers and the activities of the Karmapa.

Sponsoring members: the heart and backbone of our Community!

Our sponsoring members are the heart and backbone of their respective center, but also of the Community. It is not only the predictable financial contribution, but also the non-material support associated with membership and, if necessary, voluntary work that is so important for a community. In order to expand and maintain this base, we ask all friends and guests to become sponsoring members of their center or community. Supporting members receive a discount on the course fees in their centers. The membership fees are tax deductible!

Details can be found on the websites and programs of the centers. Or you can find out more from the respective offices of the centers. See: Centers


Another possibility to support the work of the association and the centers are donations. So far, we have been able to realize all major projects of the association as well as major work or acquisitions by the centers with donations from the Sangha and, in individual cases, with the support of major sponsors. We as organizers are very grateful for this! But we also trust that we can count on their support when necessary. Donating, exercising generosity is in keeping with Buddhist tradition. They are cornerstones of Buddhist teaching and practice.

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Voluntary Work 

Volunteers are indispensable. In almost all centers and meditation groups, they are the leaders and organizers. Large events can only be carried out with voluntary helpers. And in the Institute they reinforce the full-time employees by taking on areas of activity or special tasks that cannot be carried out by the full-time employees. If you want to get involved, contact your center. Everyone is happy when they get help.

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