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  • Current call for donations for Projects in 2021

    thank you so much for your great support, that we appreciate very much. We hope for your continued support, especially for the following projects, and express our heartfelt gratitude. Karmapa Chenno! Reinhard Türk, 1st Chairman of the Karma Kagyü Community Germany e.V. Next
  • Prophecy of Guru Rinpoche as to the Incarnation of the Karmapas

    The following text is a facsimile copy from The Himalayan Voice of 1997: This is the prophecy of Guru Padmasambhava on the Karmapas found in the treasure of Chokgyur Dechen Lingpa (The Dharmaddipa, the Terchen, the most excellent among the realised master scholars). As told by him, Amitabha Buddha, the embodiment of boundless light who is also called the fourth Dhyani Buddha, Avalokitesvara who resided on the Potala mountain and Padmasambhava were all but one in different forms. Each of these identities were not separate things but are included in the cycle of the Dharma. Therefore, prophet Chokgyur Lingpa is … Next
  • Support with Donation

    A further possibility to support the work of the Community and the Centres is to give donations. All the big projects of the Community as well as major work and purchases have been accomplished with donations from our Sangha and occasionally through the support of major donors. We, the organisers, have always been very grateful for that fact. It makes us confident we can rely on your support when it becomes necessary. To donate and use generosity belong to the Buddhist tradition. They are the corner stones of Buddhist teachings and practice. Next
  • Letter of the XVII Karmapa 1994

    Dear Supporters of the Holy Dharma in the Karma Kagyu Association Germany, I have read your letter during an especially auspicious opportunity during the summer festival at the Tolong Tsurphu Monastery. I am happy to know that the Karma Kagyü Verein and its main centre, the Kamalashila Institute, together with the 6 other centres serve the sacred inspiration of the Buddha by helping their members, the people associated with them, and all sentient beings. Furthermore I confirm the honest request of your organisation to represent the Karma Kagyu lineage in Germany. I regard it as my responsibility to you to … Next
  • We about us

    Our religious Community is a registered and non-profit association to support and practice Buddhist teachings especially in the tradition of the Karma Kagyu lineage of Tibetan buddhism. The head of the Karma Kagyu lineage, His Holiness, the XVII Gyalwang Karmapa, Ogyen Trinley Dorje, is its patron and spiritual head of the Community. The XVII Karmapa confirmed this in his letter in 1994. The Tibetan Buddhist Religious Community was founded in Munich in 1978 at the request of the XVI Karmapa as the official representation of the Karma Kagyu lineage in Germany. It constitutes the legal and organisational framework of the … Next
  • Short History of the Karma Kagyu Community Germany e.V.

    In the 19th century a first interest was developing in Europe. Especially scholarly people began with the study of Buddhist culture and scriptures in British and French colonies in Asia. One of the first Germans studying Buddhism was the eminent philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860). His philosophic oeuvre is partly based on Buddhist philosophy and ethics. His work influenced other scholars and celebrities in German culture, e.g., the philosopher Friedrich Nitzsche (1844-1900) and the composer Richard Wagner (1813-1873) who are still accepted worldwide. In 1903 the first German, the violinist Florus Gueth, got ordained thus becoming a Buddhist monk. Under his … Next
  • The Organisational Structure of the Karma Kagyu Community

    The organigram above gives an overview of how the Community is organised and control exercised between its units: Higher Level The Community belongs to the Karma Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism with H.H., the XVII Karmapa, as its spiritual head. As such he is authorised to give directives to the Karma Kagyu Community Germany (Registered) in all its business activities. Medium Level The Community’s legally stipulated institutions of the board and the general assembly as well as the directly dedicated units Kagyu Publisher and Dharma Shop are depicted in yellow. These are the units that work for the Community as … Next

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