XVII Karmapa Ogyen Trinley Dorje: Interconnected – now also available in German

The German edition of H.H. XVII Karmapa’s latest book, Interconnected, has just been published and can now been purchased from our Dharmashop: VERNETZT VERBUNDEN UNTRENNBAR – Ein Buch für die heutige Zeit des Wandels

Our lives are in a state of great upheaval – globally and nationally. The previous economy and way of life have led to the exploitation of the earth and of the poorer nations and groups of population. The consequences of our consumption-oriented actions are climate change, the extinction of species, massive consumption of resources at the expense of future generations and social inequality. All of these factors pose a threat to humanity. Keep it up! is no longer possible. Today’s time requires solidarity and a fundamental change in our way of seeing and living.

In this book, HIS HOLINESS, THE XVII KARMAPA OGYEN TRINLEY DORJE shows us how much we can change the world if we understand that everything is related to everything else, and when all our actions are based on this knowledge. We are networked, connected and inseparable. The Karmapa combines the timeless wisdom teachings of Buddhism with the knowledge of science. His book offers solutions to the challenges of our time. (Translation into German by Dr. Sabine Werner)

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