Arrival of the XVII Karmapa at Kurukulla Centre

Before leaving Boston, the XVII Gyalwang Karmapa visited the Kurukulla Center to give his blessing and give a short speech. After arriving and reciting the „Twelve Praises of the Buddha“ and distributing tea and rice, he first spoke in Tibetan about Tibet experiencing the most difficult time in its history. Therefore the Tibetans should become aware of their rich culture and priceless spiritual tradition which needed their hard work. The key to this is the Tibetan language. He urged the Tibetans to be committed to teaching their children written and spoken Tibetan. Switching to English, he spoke of Geshe Tenleyla’s invitation to the center and that he hopes to have more time for a longer program at the next meeting. At the end he blessed everyone present individually and returned to his car that was to take him to New York.

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