I appointed Ringo Tulku to guide the dharma activities in the branch centres* of the Kamalashila Institute and to teach the dharma there. With this advice in mind you may soon accomplish the excellent ultimate objective of this and the next lives.

His Holiness, the XVII Karmapa, Ogyen Trinley Dorje, on Juy 26, 1998

*His Holiness, the XVII Karmapa, made his decision on the basis of the graphic representation of the Karma Kagyu Community’s mandala. According to this the city centres are the branch centres which are grouped around the Kamalashila Institute and the retreat centre Halscheid.

Office and Accounting
Sara Spitzlei and Andrea Rockenfelder
Office: Tel.: 02655 / 9390-30, Fax: 02655 / 9390-31
E-Mail: office@karmakagyu.de
Accounting: Tel.: 02655 / 9390-37, Fax: 02655 / 9390-38
E-Mail: buchhaltung@karmakagyu.de

Dharmashop in the Kamalashila Institute
Executive Director: The board of the Karma Kagyu Community e.V.
Opening hours: Due to the current conditions and the sitze of our shop only two people can visit at the same time and only when strictly observing the applicable Corona rules. Please call beforehand and register.
We can be reached by telephone:
Montay, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, 8:00 – 10:30am
Phone.: 02655 / 9390-50
E-Mail: info@dharmashop.de
Website: www.dharmashop.de

Kagyu Dharma Publishing
Horst-Günter Rauprich
Phone.: 02253-9329339 Fax: 02253-9329340
E-Mail: verlag@karmakagyu.de
Administration: Nicole Heine
E-Mail: n.heine@me.com
Sales and distribution: Dharma Shop in the Kamalashila Institute (s.a.)

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