The Garden in which the Teaching of Enlightenment Grows

The venerable Tenga Rinpoche, an important Tibetan meditation master, gave the name to our meditation group that had been formed around our current Lama Manfred in the summer of 1982. In 1985 we were able to acquire a house for the centre thanks to a generous donation from Alfred Ritter (Ritter Sport Schokolade). The center has been directed by Lama Dorothea since completing her three-year retreat in 1995. Ringu Tulku Rinpoche took over the spiritual direction at the request of His Holiness, the XVII Karmapa, the head of the Karma Kagyu School.

In our center we would like to give all those interested the opportunity to get to know and practice the Buddhist teaching and meditation methods as they are transmitted in the Karma Kagyu School and the Shangpa Kagyu School. In addition, courses from other Buddhist traditions take place regularly.

On weekends there are seminars on the study of Buddhist philosophy and the practice of meditation, as taught in the Karma Kagyu School. We invite Tibetan lamas, but also western meditation teachers.

In order to transfer Buddhist teachings into our culture, we organize events on topics such as Western and Eastern philosophy, Buddhism – psychotherapy, the practice of mindfulness to cope with stress, fears and depression, terminal care and environmental protection from a Buddhist point of view, in addition to the traditional courses.

Programme & contact

Weekly Programme

For dates, see the program overview on our website

8:00 p.m. / Tschenresig-Puja, meditation sung in Tibetan to develop love and compassion

8.15 p.m. / meditation by the Soto Zen group (for advanced)
Contact Ingo Preuss, Tel. 06203-4309085, 01522-9555496

8 p.m. / physical exercises from Buddhist yoga according to Kalu Rinpoche
8.30 p.m. / meditation of calmness, for beginners with guidance

8 p.m. / Thich Nhat Hanh meditation group,, contact: Reinhard Mundt, Phone 06221-720525
8 p.m. Vipassana meditation, contact Phillip Held, T. 0171-8108265 (on the ground floor)

8 p.m. – 9 p.m. / Tong-Len, the meditation of give and take

7.30 p.m. / Meditation of the (Thich Nhat Hanh) Wake-Up Sangha for young adults, every 3rd Sunday of the month

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