The Place of True Dharma for Enlightened Action

Karma Damcho Ling is a center of His Holiness, the XVII. Gyalwang Karmapa. Its spiritual director is Ringu Tulku Rinpoche.

Triggered by a previous event by Rinpoche in the spring of 2004 in the spa pavilion of Bad Muenster am Stein / Ebernburg, a group of interested people called itself “Nahe Buddhism” and has since been occupied with Buddhism in its Tibetan form.

In 2008 we were officially recognized by the Karma Kagyu Community Germany e. V. as a center of the Community. And in 2014 we received, from the XVII Karmapa personally, the name “Karma Damcho Ling” for our center. The XVII Karmapa made the calligraphy printed above, which has since been kept in our center.

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City center of the Karma Kagyu Community Germany e.V. in Bad Kreuznach / Nahe
Karma Damcho Ling / Nahe Buddhism
c/o Friedbert Lohner
Jahnstrasse 7
55559 Bretzenheim (near Bad Kreuznach)
Phone: 0178 8150866

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