Karmapa, Tsurphu Monastry 1994

Letter of the XVII Karmapa to the Karma Kagyü Verein Deutschland e.V. in 1994

Dear Supporters of the Holy Dharma in the Karma Kagyu Association Germany,

I have read your letter during an especially auspicious opportunity during the summer festival at the Tolong Tsurphu Monastery.

I am happy to know that the Karma Kagyü Verein and its main centre, the Kamalashila Institute, together with the 6 other centres serve the sacred inspiration of the Buddha by helping their members, the people associated with them, and all sentient beings.

Furthermore I confirm the honest request of your organisation to represent the Karma Kagyu lineage in Germany. I regard it as my responsibility to you to assume the spiritual patronage..

Be all blessed by me and I pray to Buddha for your welfare, happiness, and progress in your Dharma practice.

The XVII Gyalwa Karmapa
Urgyen Drodul Trinley Dorje
Tulung Tsurphu Monastery
Narkar Group, Gurum Country
Tulung Dechen Dzong
Lhasa, Tibet
Peoples Republic of Chin

H.H. the XVII Karmapa | 21.06.1994

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