XVII. Karmapa © Kagyu Monlam Chenmo

Dear Sangha, dear Friends and Sponsors,

We are very grateful for your continuous support and hope very much you continue supporting us, especially with the following projects. Karmapa Chenno!

Reinhard Türk, Chairman of the Karma Kagyu Community Germany e.V.

Call for Donations for roof renovation

We are now approaching you again with an appeal for donations for another major project: the roof of the main building of Kamalashila Institute is in urgent need of renovation! There are already leaks that have caused damage to the upper floor.

The roof of the main building is very old and dates back to the reconstruction period more than 20 years ago. It urgently needs to be renovated before the next winter to prevent further serious damage to the building fabric.  So we can no longer avoid a complete roof renovation. We have taken advice from experts in this field and decided on a cost-effective offer from a local craftsman. Thanks to a large donation of 30,000 Euros for the roof renovation, we already have a good foundation for the project. However, the total renovation costs for the roof will amount to 73,000 Euros, so that we still have a financing gap of 43,000 Euros. For this we ask for your support.

The work can still be started and completed during the current lockdown. In this way, we can avoid an interruption of the seminar programme during the construction work – in the hope that we will soon be able to offer courses again.

We thank you in advance for your earmarked donations for the roof renovation, which will be a great help for the preservation of the Kamalshila.

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Call for Donations for the Kamalashila Online Campus

Dharma Online – Establishing a sustainable future NOW

Dear friends of the Kamalashila Institute, Dear members of the Karma Kagyu Community, Dear Sangha,

It’s for the second time now that the Kamalashila Institute had to close due to the Corona pandemic.

We are missing meeting you as participants, learning together and the mutual exchange. The Institute’s funds keep being strongly challenged, too. Naturally we hope to soon meet you again personally when you attend our courses. We also wish for everybody to stay healthy in the new year.

The online offers we established at the onset of the pandemic have caught on very well. They allow everyone interested in the dharma to have access, who would otherwise not have been able to attend courses at Kamalashila.

With our present website and the tools used so far we have already reached the limit of what we can do. We would like to keep the Kamalashila Institute as the main European seat of the XVII Karmapa, Ogyen Trinley Dorje, more independent of any crisis. To do so we plan a more modern online appearance and to create an online campus of our own to give as many dharma students as possible access to live and video courses.

Our intention is to put together a professional online division. We want to begin with an online campus which would allow us to offer not only live courses, but also the wonderful treasures of teachings we have already recorded on video. Furthermore, we are digitalising audio recordings of diverse teachers and Rinpoches of over twenty years from good old quality cassettes to keep them for posterity. This archive is very valuable, as some of the teachers are no longer alive. In addition, the present Kamalashila Institute with its history of more than twenty years has often been a place for many special teachings. To make a selection gradually accessible, we plan our online campus to be a true place of discovery for dharma teachings and dharma treasures!

For 2021 we have already planned a number of exciting online courses, among them a Mahayana course in several modules by our two resident lamas offering a systematic and profound survey about the Mahayana path, which should be accessible to as many people as possible to benefit all beings.

This needs a completely revised IT system, a new website, a new streaming service, a user administration and a lot more. We want to establish a system that is solid enough to be extended in the future which would also be very advantageous from a marketing point of view.

The sum total required to do all the work for an online campus, IT and websites amounts to 39,000 Euro.

We plan to establish the new systems step by step depending on receiving the necessary/corresponding donations hoping to finish the work in a speedy fashion.

For us the crisis proved to be a positive and challenging event at the same time.

If we use the chance now, it will help the Institute and the Community to generate some long-term income which in turn will create the necessary financial basis for the future.

Any amount helps to realise this project and to make the dharma accessible to even more people!

You can very simply donate via our donation form or send a remittance to:

Account holder: Karma Kagyü Gemeinschaft Deutschland – Tibetisch-Buddhistische Religionsgemeinschaft e.V.
Bank’s name: Bank für Sozialwirtschaft AG
IBAN: DE47 3703 0500 0001 6542 03
Reason for Payment: Kamalashila Online Campus

We say thank you so much!

DONATING WITH YOUR LAST WILL - Appointing the Karma Kagyu Community Germany e.V. as heirs in your last will

The XVIIth Karmapa, Ogyen Trinley Dorje, spiritual head of the Tibetan Buddhist Karma Kagyu order, was called “Green Buddha” for his commitment to environmental protection during a WWF visit.

The Karma Kagyu Community Germany e.V. is the official representation of the Karma Kagyu lineage and the Karmapa in Germany. In its more than 40 years of existence, the association has brought many of the great teachers of the Karma Kagyu tradition to Germany – including the XVII Karmapa – and at the same time, while preserving the traditional teachings, has broken new ground for a contemporary spirituality and the role of Buddhist teaching and practice in the modern world. It conveys the values of tolerance, mutual respect and compassion as well as an understanding of the interdependence of the earth and its inhabitants.

All this was and is made possible by the voluntary commitment and contributions of the members as well as by the many donations from friends and supporters.

Another possibility of support is to appoint the Karma Kagyu Community Germany e.V. as heirs in your will. Such a “Buddhist Testament” would be a strong and sustainable investment for the support of the activities of the Karmapa and our association.

For further information please contact Reinhard Türk, 1st Chairman of the Karma Kagyu Community Germany e.V.:  president@karma-kagyu-germany.de

Fund for translators

To build bridges between the Tibetan buddhist tradition of wisdom and developing roots in the west is the big task the Kamalashila Institute assigned itself for the German-speaking part of Europe. To mediate and more profoundly understand the teachings and practice it is essential that the Tibetan texts are available in German.

”For the dharma to take root completely in any language or culture, exact translations are necessary in the beginning, … the personal empowerment (Note: from a realised master to the disciple) … is at the heart of lively buddhist teachings.“ Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche in 1992.

Both – the written translations as well as as the interpreting of the lectures and teachings of the masters and teachers – are not possible without qualified translators/interpreters. For that very reason the Karma Kagyu Community Germany e.V. has established a fund for translators/interpreters to train, further educate and fund the translators/interpreters of the Community as well as fro fund translation projects and their publication.

This project is urgent as the current study courses need the translation of the necessary texts in a timely fashion. Therefore the translation of these texts have often to be contracted outside. We request the big circle of our members, interested people, sponsors, friends and the many people practicing the Tibetan buddhist traditions to contribute to this project with regular or single donations. Such a project needs to be sustainable to be successful. If each of you donated a monthly contribution of 10 €, we could systematically promote the activities of translators/interpreters. Please help the dharma to take root in the German speaking areas.

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Our new donation account

You can transfer money to our donation account by bank transfer or directly and easily online by direct debit for our current donation projects:

Account holder: Karma Kagyü Gemeinschaft Deutschland – Tibetisch-Buddhistische Religionsgemeinschaft e.V.
Bank’s name: Bank für Sozialwirtschaft AG
IBAN: DE47 3703 0500 0001 6542 03

Donations are tax-deductible. You will receive your donation receipt in February of the following year.

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