The Karma Kagyu Community Germany e.V. dissociates itself from the trivialisation and denial of the CORONA pandemic and its presentation as willful misinformation.

The general discrediting of the government-ordered protective measures is not in accordance with the clear statements of the XVII Gyalwang Karmapa on the subject (see, among other things, his speeches on the Week of Prayer for Pacification of the Pandemic in April 2020).

During this week of prayer, the XVII Karmapa emphasised the importance of the regulations to control the pandemic and called for taking responsibility for one’s own health and happiness as well as for the health and happiness of others. He asked that the disease should not be downplayed.

The current recitation of aspiration prayers to end adverse circumstances, which H.H. Karmapa led from 20 – 27 Jan 2021, was also dedicated to “quickly overcoming the CORONA epidemic” which is “ravaging the entire globe” and from which “millions of people have died and tens of millions more have fallen ill”.

From our point of view, it is therefore misleading when Dharma practitioners whose centres refer to H.H. Karmapa as the head publish massive doubts about the dangerousness of the CORONA virus and the justification of protective measures in their postings on Facebook, alternating with statements and photos of Karmapa. In doing so, they create the false impression that he shares and supports their opinions.

We also find it problematic when, in corresponding statements, a connection is made to their respective centres where they work as Dharma teachers.

The Board in February 2021

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